Fiesch Ski Camp – Day 1

After a seven-hour drive, we finally arrived at the Fiesch Sport Resort, where we were able to explore the village and try out the ski equipment.

High school graduation term papers presentation

On Thursday, February 23 and Friday, February 24, 2023, the prospective Matura students presented their Matura papers to an interested audience at the Palestra. They spoke, for example, about music in German concentration camps (Corrado Severini), Agatha Christie’s Poison Passion (Francesca Walpen) or La nostalgia nel tempo (Giorgio Sestini) and then took part in a […]

Everything is blue!

The blue day of the third grades A and B On February 23, the 3rd graders saw the world through blue glasses! Everything blue: the classroom, pants, sweaters, socks, fingernails and even: hair! At various stations, they were able to learn many new and surprising things about fountain pens, roller pens, and old quills. There […]

Carnival parade

Huge compliments to the balloonist, chess piece and french fries – the three winning masks at the carnival parade of kindergarten and elementary school at Villa Malpighi on Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Intervention of the 3rd high school in the 3rd secondary classes.

Dialogue between classes. Last week, the 3rd high school students gave a short presentation to the 3rd secondary classes about their experiences in Geneva. The secondary students deal with different world conflicts and this was a perfect opportunity to discuss together about the role of the United Nations.The delegates from Argentina, Egypt, Ireland, Sierra Leone […]

Learn cursive writing

Nel nuovo semestre, alunne e alunni della scuola primaria hanno ripreso il corso extrascolastico di scrittura in corsivo con la signora Daniela Marsili e sono felici di condividere i loro progressi.

Wirtschaftswoche – Gym 4

From Feb. 6-10, 2023, the 4th high school, divided into four groups, played a virtual economics game focused on business content. They presented their results on Friday afternoon.