The Swiss School of Rome is an educational institution that concludes with a legally recognized
diploma in Switzerland. The high school follows the educational program and directives of the
Canton of St. Gallen, and concludes with the Federal Maturità Certificate. The middle school lasts three years and ends with the Italian Middle School Certificate examination (esame di Licenza Media). At the end of the 5th grade, the achievement of the objectives of the Italian school is verified with the Italian proficiency exam. To profile.



The Swiss School of Rome is an international school with an innovative, holistic pedagogy and leads to the Swiss Matura. In addition, permeability to the Italian education system is guaranteed from kindergarten to high school. Our Matura students are bilingual in German and Italian. They have a high level of English and can achieve a high level of French and/or Latin. Our alumni study at the best universities in various countries.



The pre-kindergarten of the Swiss School of Rome accepts two-year-old children who turn three years old by 30 April of the relevant school year. It covers two school years and opens up a new habitat for the children, inviting them to play and learn in a well-tended environment and familiarizing them with the German language. The children are cared for daily from 07:30 to 16:00.



The kindergarten of the Swiss School of Rome accepts 4 and 5-year-old children and lasts for two school years. It follows on from the two-year pre-kindergarten. In each class, the children play, learn and make discoveries about the world under the expert guidance of kindergarten teachers; in this way, the children learn to understand and use the German language of instruction quite naturally. The children are cared for daily from 07:30 to 16:00.


Elementary school

The elementary school of SSR lasts five years that are divided into a two-year preparatory period (1st and 2nd grade) and a three-year period (3rd, 4th and 5th grade). Every year there are two classes, and each class is led by a class teacher who is the first reference point for all of the parents' requests. Pupils attend school every day from 08.30 to 16.00; on Wednesdays classes end at 12.55, but at the request of the parents the time can be extended until 16.00.


Middle school

The middle school at the Swiss School of Rome lasts three years and is a prerequisite for entering any secondary school, whether that be the Swiss high school or any Italian high school. In order to comply with Italian law and to guarantee access to the Italian school system, at the end of middle school the pupils of the Swiss School of Rome take the final Italian State Exams for middle school (licenza media).


High school

The high school of the Swiss School of Rome lasts five years. It follows the educational programs and guidelines of the Canton of St. Gallen and concludes with the Swiss Maturità Examination, which is equivalent to the Italian Maturità Examination, and gives access to enrolment in Italian universities, polytechnic institutes and institutes of higher education.


Language certification

Student exchanges

Extra-curricular activities

Due to the Covid 19 emergency situation, extracurricular activities are currently only taking place in a reduced form. For more information, please contact the secretary's office.

School regulations and the school curriculum

Elementary and middle school

  • Curriculum 21
  • San Gallen Educational programs for elementary and middle school
  • Table of classes for elementary school
  • Table for middle school

High school

  • MAV
  • MAR
  • Curriculum
    for high school
  • Table of classes
    high school