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Swiss pedagogy and innovative teaching methods

The goal of the Swiss School in Rome is to provide children with the basic knowledge for lifelong learning, and to promote their intellectual openness and independent judgment. Pupils are to become mature citizens.

The task of Swiss schools abroad is to “promote the spread of Swiss education and culture abroad,” according to the Swiss Schools Abroad Act.

The “Swissness-Charta” created in 2022 illustrates the transmission of Swiss education and culture.
The Charta indicates what Swiss schools abroad define as “Swissness” in their values but also in learning and teaching and school management. The Charta creates an identity that unites schools. It indicates common values, principles and a common understanding of culture and is the guiding principle for the continuous development of schools.

In accordance, the education at the Swiss School of Rome is also based on a comprehensive pedagogy with head, heart and hand. It follows the St. Gallen curriculum from kindergarten through high school. In addition to teaching individual disciplinary skills, strengthening autonomy, willingness to learn and respectful interaction with others is of paramount importance. These interdisciplinary skills are discussed with pupils and their parents during annual assessment meetings.

Marc König

Principal SSR

An international school with a family-like atmosphere

The Swiss School in Rome is a full-time school with small classes and a wide range of childcare services. As an interconnecting school, it is characterized on the one hand by Swiss culture and the German language of instruction and on the other by the culture of the host country, Italy. About 20 nationalities are present at the Swiss School in Rome.

We are a bridge to the world

Five languages

At the end of their studies, pupils are bilingual in German (Goethe C2) and Italian, have a high level of English (Cambridge Advanced C1), and can achieve a high level in French (DELF B2) and/or Latin.


Swiss High School Diploma (Maturità) and University Acceptance

The final goal of the educational pathway is the Swiss Maturità. The Swiss Maturità Diploma gives access to all Swiss universities; for the purposes of enrolment in universities, polytechnic institutes and other institutes of higher education it is equivalent to the Italian State Examination.  This gives access to all universities in the European Union upon proof of the required language skills.

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