Visit to the oil mill

It is the right season to visit an oil mill. The two second classes of the primary school therefore went to the Palmieri oil mill where the children were able to help not only with the olive harvest, but also with the bottling of the freshly pressed oil. A wonderful experience in nature!

Playing with Heidi

With a visit from Switzerland by Vera Müller (pre-school teacher and master’s degree in theatre pedagogy), the children interpreted the story of Heidi with elements of theatre pedagogy. Emotions were thematised and expressed through the body.

Senate visit

Venerdì 18 novembre, le due classi della quinta della scuola primaria si sono recate a Palazzo Madama, sede del Senato dove hanno potuto parlare in tedesco con il senatore Luigi Spagnolli nella sala della Commissione Affari esteri e Difesa. Le lingue straniere sono particolarmente importanti per il futuro dei giovani, ha affermato il senatore Spagnolli. […]

Trip to planetarium

To close and wrap up the topic of Cosmonautics, which we covered in fourth grade Primary A, only a trip to the planetarium in Rome could have given us even more excitement. The virtual journey there undertaken with the assigned space expert, has, with highly detailed projections and child/child-friendly explanations, delighted young and old alike!


Am Donnerstag, 17. November 2022, fand der stimmungsvolle Räbelichtlein-Umzug im Garten der Villa Malpighi statt. Die Eltern hatten mit den Lehrerinnen schöne Räben geschnitzt, welche die Kinder stolz im Umzug trugen.

Räbe schnitzen

Mit grossem Engagement haben die Kindergarteneltern den Nachmittag vor dem Räbeliechtli-Umzug damit verbracht, die Räben zu schnitzen, die die Kinder im Umzug tragen werden!